Ghost reduces image quality

Hello Community,

Currently I have a problem with my self-hosted Ghost instance. The problem is that my images are compressed and in poor quality and I don’t want that. Below I share my steps I’ve already tried to post the images in the original quality and with full resolution.

First my system details:

  • Ghost installed with docker-compose
  • Hosted behind Traefik Proxy
  • Current Ghost version: 5.37.0
  • Current used theme: Edge v1.0.0

Do I see any errors in the logs?

Sadly no.

Steps I’ve tried so far:

  1. I tried to mount a config.json to my container with the following content:
	"url": "http://localhost:2368",
	"server": {
		"port": 2368,
		"host": "::"
	"mail": {
		"transport": "Direct"
	"logging": {
		"transports": [
	"process": "systemd",
	"paths": {
		"contentPath": "/var/lib/ghost/content"
	"imageOptimization": {
		"resize": false
	"compress": false

According to Configuration - Adapt your publication to suit your needs this should be enough to not optimize or compress my uploaded images. I post those images in “Posts”, using them as feature images.

  1. I’ve checked if the uploaded images are bad quality in general but they are not.

  2. Rerendered all my pages and posts with api-demos/force-rerender.js at main · TryGhost/api-demos · GitHub

Is there anything else I can try? After I’ve changed my config.json, I’ve recreated my docker container (which should be equivalent to a ghost restart). I also added some new posts with new images just to check if that makes a difference.

Thank you so much in advance for new ideas!

Kind regards,