Does redirects.json work with Ghost REST API?

I’m looking into setting up redirects using the redirects.json feature:

Tested around but could not get it working. Should I expect the API request URL to redirect? Or does this feature only work when using a Ghost template vs. the REST API?

Here’s my redirects.json:

        "from": "the-future-of-public-finance-is-coming",
        "to": "lets-restart-the-hidden-economic-engine",
        "permanent": true

Requesting this URL in a browser:

Still yields the following API request, which 404s:

Ideal scenario would be to redirect the browser to the new page:

Less ideal but workable scenario would be that the API request redirects the slug:


Ghost’s redirects.json does not affect the API at all, it only deals with URLs (not slugs) and will redirect a request coming in to the front-end not the API.

Eg. redirects.json:

       "from": "/old-post/",
       "to": "/new-post/",
       "permanent": true
] → (301) →

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The docs cover typical use-cases:

Ah, bummer. Thanks @Kevin. Given that redirects.json does not affect the API at all, I’ll solve this with NGINX.

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