Duplicate Ghost Images External Storage

I noticed that Ghost stores two versions of the same image when used locally, but both are different sizes.
I am storing ghost images to external storage, but I notice ghost stores two of the exact images for each image. There are no difference in sizes of each image.

Is this by design? How can this be disabled?

SOLVED: Add the following to production config file
“resize”: false

Why do you want to turn off image optimizing? You may save a little—negligible—storage, but at the expense of bandwidth and site performance.

The use case is storing images in external storage. Image optimization does not work on external storage :cry:

how do you configure external storage (i.e. Cloudinary)? I’ve tried switching from local to external storage using official Cloudinary integration but not work. It always serves from local instead of external storage.

Because I can do that on my own without needing to waste space on my server.

Also, I want to decide what the optimal image quality and size will be.