Duplicate subscriptions in Ghost & Ghost Pro

This is a weird quirk that I’ve mostly solved, but I thought I’d post it here for posterity, as well as a small request about my Ghost Pro account.

I set up a trial Ghost Pro site a few weeks ago. After digging into it more, I realized I wanted to hots Ghost myself. I spun up a DigitalOcean droplet, installed Ghost, tweaked a theme, and launched it today. It’s called ₴ł₲₦₳Ⱡ₴.

Meanwhile, my Ghost Pro trial lapsed. This was fine, since I didn’t need to use it anymore. However, back when I was playing around with it, I had connect it to my Stripe account. I didn’t think twice about this until today.

Today I learned that when folks pay to be a member of my site, they’re getting two automated Thank You emails:

  • 1 from the real site
  • 1 from my old Ghost Pro site

I frantically dug into this, and I figured out why it’s happening: when connecting Ghost to Stripe, Ghost installs an outbound webhook in the Stripe config. When a user completes the Stripe transaction, the webhook fires, and that tells the Ghost installation that the user is now a member, and to send off a welcome email. Since I had connected Ghost Pro to this Stripe account, as well as my self-hosted Ghost installation, my Stripe account had two webhooks installed, and fired both of them on every transaction. So all my members were being signed up at both Ghosts.

I immediately disabled the old webhook, and I think that solved the problem for all new subscribers. However, there’s a lingering problem:

  • Because my Ghost Pro site was never really configured or designed, and it still had all the old dummy content in there, I had to get in there to fix it up for all these members who were being sent there, but
  • My trial had run out, so I couldn’t get access.

To solve this in the short term, I signed up for the lowest tier Ghost Pro account and cleared out all the old content, and posted something telling people to go to the right site. Now that that’s done, I’d like to cancel that membership, but it appears that if I do that, my site will go away.

Is it possible to cancel my Ghost Pro membership and keep that old site (https://mysteryleague.ghost.io/) up just for the few folks who got links there?