Stripe webhook to Ghost Pro shouldn't work after trial ends

In the course of debugging this problem:

I realized that it could have been avoided if Ghost Pro sites were set to ignore calls from the Stripe outbound webhook, if the site is no longer active. To recap:

  • I set up a Ghost Pro trial
  • I connected Stripe
  • I decided to self-host instead
  • I let my Ghost Pro trial lapse

Once people started signing up as members on my new site, they were also being registered on my old Ghost Pro site, because the webhook was still in place on Stripe. As soon as I realized this, I deactivated the webhook. But it would have been avoided altogether if Ghost Pro didn’t register members for a site that wasn’t actually live.

I realize there may be a use case I’m not considering that justifies this behavior, so perhaps there are reasons not to make this change. But I thought I’d throw it out there.


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