Duplicated "search" field/button - in mobile site view - Journal

Hi guys.

I am trying ‘Journal’ and in mobile variant/view - I’ve tried a number of web browsers - in ‘hamburger-menu’ I get ‘search’ duplicated, with one at the top and replica around mid-height by the right edge.

Is this by default or something got bit awry in my setup? If defaults it is, then how to control & remove either such ‘search’ ?

many thanks, L.

Perhaps it’s not the theme ? I get the same with ‘headline’ theme.

Can you share a link to your site? Without that, it’s hard to tell what the issue is.
If you get the same issue with multiple themes, it could be from a script you added in Code injection.

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I think I’ve narrowed it down - looks more like not (some) themes but rather Ghost’s back end - If ‘Navigation layout’ is set to default, to “Stacked” then I see this duplicated search box/icon but if I set it to “Logo on the left” then it is what I’d expect to be the correct behaviour - just one search at the top-right corner.

Anybody, perhaps an expert/devel, comment on my findings - would that not be a bug in some way?

I’ve tried this with the Journal theme, and I don’t have duplicate search, with the “Stacked” option.
A link to your site would make it easier for others to help you in this case.

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This is a theme-level bug - Ghost loads JavaScript that sets up the search, but the theme itself is responsible for where the search buttons go. Does the problem recur if you install a fresh copy of the theme?