Dynamic routing | Integrating Ghost with website

Hey Folks, we are running our custom developed website on https://reoctap.com; We have just about started using Ghost for our blogs - it currently runs on /blog subfolder. The website and ghost runs on different servers.

We want to organise and unify both the apps (ghost and custom website) for SEO purposes. And here are few things we want to achieve

  1. The website will have upto 8 static pages that will act as a topic master.
  2. All the blog content will fall under one of the 8 topics - the goal is create a topic cluster.
  3. recotap.com/blog shows the list of all available blogs.
  4. All post URLs will have structure like - recotap.com/cluster-1/topic1.

Whereas the cluster-1 (page) should be served from the website, topic-1 (post) will be served from ghost.

Please share any ideas you may have to best way to implement this.

Thanks a lot.