Is it possible to use ghost as a content managener?



Right now I’m using ghost for building a blog. On my another website, I have a couple of static pages, such as FAQ , About or Contact. Is it possible to somehow “host” the text content (questions, answers, contact info etc.) on ghost and expose this data via REST API? So that on my another website I can fetch this content and display it?


Absolutely. Ghost already has a REST API that can be used to pull content into other sites this way. We’re also actively working on releasing a new version, with brand new docs that focuses more clearly on this sort of use case. Docs for the current v0.1 API are here:

You can also use Ghost for the whole site, using pages for the About/FAQ etc content:

And then using dynamic routing to configure a custom home page, move the post content to live at /blog/ etc.

There’s lots of power and flexibility, hopefully our new docs can shed some light.


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