Dynamic sidebar widget

Quick question – Is it possible to build a sidebar widget that dynamically pulls data from a file located somewhere? I’d rather not have to upload a new version of the theme each time I want to update the widget.

Note that I do NOT have FTP access to the site (host doesn’t allow it). So, it would need to pull data from a file located on Dropbox or Cloudinary or somewhere.


Yep! The Ghost frontend has no limitations in the aspect of client-side rendering, so you can add an iframe to your theme, or use some javascript to fetch data, format it to look good, and add it to the DOM

OK, that sounds like a good solution. But, do I need anything around the iframe to use it in a widget in the sidebar? I’m trying it on a local install, with a file on Dropbox that is shared, and it looks like the iframe is loading, but the content is not. Thoughts?

DropBox might not allow embedding files. Websites can tell browser not to allow embedding their site, or limit where it can be embedded.