Edge theme, implementing PhotoSwipe (pswp) for Post image

Hi, im addapting Edge theme for painting portfolio. Its verry nice minimalistic theme, but i wouldlike to implement some more functions.

I’m trying to addapt PhotoSwipe (pswp - which is integrated and work for related …) to work for the post image (not gallery ). The idea is that i wouldlike to see the full size post image in full screan and all the functionality of pswp. I understand that the next and prev will not work but the rest of the functions are really usefull.

Is it possible to addaot feature-image.hbs which look like this:

{{#if feature_image}}
<figure class="gh-article-image">
        <img srcset="{{img_url feature_image size="l"}} 300w, 
        {{img_url feature_image size="m" }} 750w, 
        {{img_url feature_image size="l" }} 1140w, 
        {{img_url feature_image size="xl" }} 1920w" 
        sizes="(min-width: 1170px) 1140px, calc(100vw - 30px)" 
        src="{{img_url feature_image size="l"}}" 
        alt="{{#if feature_image_alt}}{{feature_image_alt}}{{else}}{{title}}{{/if}}">
    {{#match primary_tag.name "blog"}}
    <h1 class="photo-caption">{{title}} • {{tags autolink="false" separator=" • "}} </h1>
    {{!-- {{#if feature_image_caption}}
    {{/if}} --}}

and to call:

<a class="post-lightbox" aria-label="Expand image" href="{{img_url feature_image}}">
            {{> "icons/maximize"}}