Is this the new Casper theme?

The gallery via using photo swipe. Is this new with 4.X and Casper?

Galleries were added in Ghost 2.X, since then you’ve been able to add PhotosSwipe via your theme. No version of Casper includes PhotoSwipe by default.

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I’m not a coder.

Still haven’t found how to do this or even who has.

Any recommendations?

I could still use some help on this. Is the theme I linked above available?

I haven’t found any theme that has this enabled with the exception of Ruby, but I’m not a big fan of the rest of the theme, nor how to open the lightbox for all images on the page. Is there a way I can talk with the developer of that theme?

I’ve found other boxes similar to photoswipe, but not as elegant as the demo linked above.

Dawn and Edition have the Photoswipe feature by default. See these sample posts:

Thank you! I’m smacking my forehead with my hand!

Very cool! I didn’t know this was a thing!

So, here’s a follow up question…

How can I have it apply to any and all photos on the page? That way if I have two galleries in a row (for more than 9 photos) it’ll work on all of them?

In other words… when you click the gallery, instead of the top left showing 1/9 and only going through the nine images… it might have 1/27 and go through all images of three galleries in a row?