Edit Free tier description

How can I edit the description in this section?

If you notice it says “Free preview of …” How can I change that? In Membership tiers I don’t see the option.


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This requires a customisation to the portal, refer to GitHub - TryGhost/Portal: Drop-in script to add membership features in a Ghost theme

We’ll be adding support for this natively soon


I am trying to change this text too. With the juxtapostion of paid tiers beside the free tier, its really important to explain to my subscribers what they get in the Free vs what they get if they pay. I was hoping I could just change the string “free preview of” in one of the ghost files on my server… but its not that easy is it?

This one feels super important since “Free preview” language can be interpreted many ways and we need to be able to show value props at the free level. Is there an ETA for the native support update mentioned above?

I tried to hack it with CSS using the Code Injection panel but I’m not self-hosted and, while it works in the browser, I can’t figure out how to target correctly.

.gh-portal-products div.free .gh-portal-product-description {
    color: #fff !important;

div.free .gh-portal-product-description:after {
    content: "Get our email newsletter";
    color: var(--grey5);
    clear: both;
    float: left;
    font-size: 1.3rem;
    font-weight: 400;
    padding-left: 10%;

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Nice try. But as far as I can see, the portal page is loaded like an iframe, and there’s zero way to change the text that shows up as the script is hosted elsewhere. As mentioned above that text “Free preview of” is hard coded in there and meant to be updated through any easy injections. I spent several hours trying to change it with javascript and no luck either. For the heck of it I added your css to my self-hosted site, but no change. :cry:

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Dropping in to say that I would also love to change this since I want my site to be free for everyone. Thanks John for your work on all these features.

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Adding this support is a great feature recommendation. Being able to tell the benefits of subscribing is an important part of the sales process.


Good to know this is coming! It’s so frustrating to not be able to edit the details for the free tier.

Is there a way to see if/where this feature is in the process of being shipped? I’m trying to determine if I need to find a different (read: hacky) solution or if someone from Ghost saying “it’s coming soon” in October means it’s legit coming soon a few months later.

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Was built this week - should be in the next release


Came here to add support for this. I can’t launch my newsletter without it since my free email isn’t a preview, it’s the main newsletter.

When is the next release?

This feature seems be live now. I’m able to edit the Free tier. Thank you to the folks who worked on this!


Hi Everyone - First, thank you to all that have tried it and given us feedback. It has been extremely valuable as we’ve prioritized improvements and continued towards general availability.

Adding a description and benefits to the free tier was a main point we heard from you. As @aisleone said, you can now do exactly that. Just go to Settings >> Membership to adjust your free tier.

As always, please shout with questions or additional tiers feedback. More improvements coming soon!


Hello! I love that you’ve been working on this.

Just wondering if I’m missing something or if this feature has been rolled back?

I’m hosted on Ghost(Pro), and when I go to Settings >> Membership the only variable I’m allowed to customize for the free tier is the URL for the Welcome page. Any ideas?

Thank you!

Have you only enabled free subscribers? That might be why it’s not displaying, as from what I can tell it’s available on a tiers-utilising site I’ve set up, while not available on a subscribers-only site I have.

Ah, it might be a tier thing. I do have a paid monthly / annual membership program (thewoolchannel.com) with about 800 members, then another 4,000 or so free subscribers, coming up on my one-year anniversary.

I didn’t enable the new tier functionality because - as I understood it - I’d need to come up with yet another membership offering beyond what I have now - and I’m not ready for that yet.

So, if I’m hearing correctly, to be able to edit the language, you cannot have a standard monthly/annual membership program? You have to slice what you have into three or more paid levels?

Thanks for your help, by the way!

@ClaraP you can use tiers with only one tier - when you switch Tiers on from the Labs page, Ghost will automatically move your existing monthly/yearly subscriptions to a tier.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to add descriptions and benefits to both your free subscription and your single paid tier.

Ah, fantastic. Thank you!

Being able to add/update a description for the free tier is a nice and very much appreciated improvement, but I’m still missing the ability to update the Free tier’s name. All my other tiers have themed names, and it would be nice for the Free tier to be able to follow suit.

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