Where can we edit the text for the portal 'plan' options?

I don’t want the phase ‘free preview’ but can’t find this anywhere in the code.


+1 for this! I’ve seen screenshots on the Ghost documentation which shows different text, but I can’t seem to find the source files – any ideas?!

Sorry, but you mean back- or frontend? I don’t see that text on any of my paid posts.

Pretty sure he’s talking about the text under the subscription plans here (see screenshot). If anyone knows how to change that text, I’d love to know!

For now this appears to be a database edit.

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If you know coding, look at the Portal repo. Although, I should warn, this code seems to change frequently nowadays (recent commits to how products, plans are rendered, etc.)

I am working on something related. DM me if you’d like to chat about this.

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Looks like there is some control of this in Release 4.8.0 · TryGhost/Ghost · GitHub

This appears to be alpha so I guess use at your own risk of potential changes.

To enable refer to Ghost/config.development.json at main · TryGhost/Ghost · GitHub for additional required config.

I am still having a look around for how to change FREE subscription description without using forked portal.