Eleven Labs AI Voice - Audio Native - Ghost Integration

Hi, has anyone been able to integrate eleven labs new feature to embed the audio player for posts that are for paid users only? It seems to only read the free content on the page. Here is link but no mention of how to integrate to paid posts.

Any help appreciated.

Most of the pages of documentation you linked blank out after a second, and the console is full of errors. So if anyone from ElevenLabs is reading, you might want to have a look at that! (Chrome, Windows 10).

It looks to me like ElevenLabs probably makes a request for the page content from your site, and since it doesn’t have a paid subscription, it can’t access that content. But you could probably set up method #3.
Basically, you’d write a cloud function that gets a webhook when the site is updated and uses the ElevenLabs API to generate the audio. Then you’d update the blog post (via the Ghost api) to include the link to that new audio.
Overview - ElevenLabs - see method #3

Thanks for the swift reply @Cathy_Sarisky :pray:. Yeah I was worried I would have to do that, wanted a faster implementation as I have no experience in that. If there are any quicker workarounds from the community, would be great to hear.

If you haven’t tried it, you could try publishing the content without the paywall, adding the embed code, waiting for generation to occur, then turning on the paywall. I suspect it just generates the audio once, so that might work…