i did not succeed to subscribe as or eMail-Address-Validator seems to hate .net

Is this on your own hosted version of Ghost or on Ghost(Pro)? :slight_smile:

sorry for not mentioning: it is self hosted version of ghost3.2 on debian10

I see. It may be that the email server you’re using to send out emails is blocking .net emails from being sent. You’ll need to configure this on the mail server so they’re allowed to sign up :slight_smile:

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Thank you David. No Mailserver is defined in my ghost-configuration, mail is delivered 'direct’ly, via sendmail i think. If i send a mail from the commandline, it is transferred very well. If i try to subscribe in the frontend, an error message appears, that i have to enter a correct eMail-Address. Seems to be form-validation for subscription-form i think. Not the mailserver. Can you say, which mechanism validates the entered eMail-Addresses to be valid?

i think it is because i disabled stripe js-code. it is not compliant with GDPR, so it is useless for us in europe. as is mailgun to send newsletters… i would be pleased to see a possibility to send newsletters on own servers as well as without any touch to external sites. Tahnk you!