Email text formatting

My text in my email seems to render super small in Gmail compared to the preview in the ghost editor. Also, the icon doesn’t show up at the top of the newsletter in either the preview or test email I sent. Is that supposed to be the Publication icon?

Yeah, that’s supposed to be the publication icon. Is your publication on a subdomain subdirectory? The icon doesn’t appear in test emails for a couple of subdomain subdirectory-using publications I’m currently developing, which I haven’t tried to debug (or mention here on the forum) just yet.

EDIT: I mistakenly used the word “subdomain” twice instead of “subdirectory”. Fixed

Ok cool that’s good to know. So hopefully it shows up when I actually publish it. Otherwise, do you have any idea why the text is so small? Is that just something I have to accept?

First off, my apologies, I made a couple of typos in my previous message to you – I meant to ask you if your publication is on a subdirectory.

With that clarified, is your publication in fact on a subdirectory? Because if it’s anything like my subdirectory-using in-development publications, the publication icon won’t appear in the newsletter emails anymore than it does on the test screen.

Otherwise, no, I don’t know anything about how the text size appears in Gmail, although there was another thread mentioning this and where it appears the problem fixed itself.

No worries! Yes, it’s on a subdirectory. So when you actually send out the published version of the newsletter, the icon is there?

I would guess that the icon would not appear. Although I have posts that are published in these in-development subdirectory-using publications, I’ve yet to publish live posts and have newsletter emails get sent out to actual subscribers/members – I’ve only sent test emails to myself.

Regardless, when I look at test emails or the in-browser preview the icon doesn’t appear. Take a look at the link of the non-appearing icon image and it appears as such (supposing the subdirectory you’re using is /blog):

Perhaps I’ll get off my ass and raise an issue on GitHub if a Ghost team member doesn’t chip in first.

EDIT: If I recall correctly I had to play around with the code of directories (in my themes) so that the Publication Icon and Publication Logo helpers would output correctly on the front page of the publications themselves, although there’s no way I could play around with things so that the Publication Icon would appear in newsletter emails (without playing around with core, which I’m not skilled enough to do).

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Ok interesting. I’ll poke around a bit more and see if I can see what going on. Thanks for all the help!

Hey @Avery @Stromfeldt

The smaller font is a bug that we’re aware of - we’re working on it.

As for your icon not showing, this is the first time this has been reported, but I’ve passed this feedback on to our team.

@Avery are you also using a subdirectory? And have you tried publishing anything yet? Any updates on whether it worked or not?

Thanks for sharing your feedback! :raised_hands:


Hi! I am using a subdirectory but haven’t published yet. I’m working through a couple of other issues that I’ll post on a different thread. I’m ready to publish as soon as I figure out some theme issues

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Hi @Kym I’ve been experimenting with the email feature and still have’t got the publication logo to show up. I’ve published a few times just to my team’s emails but it never renders the logo. Any ideas?

I’ve also thought of just completely removing the publication logo and title for emails. Is there a way to do that as well?

Hi Avery,

I don’t have any updates yet - but our team are aware of this and looking into it.

There’s no way to remove the publication logo from the email as far as I know, the emails are sent using a standard template which can’t (yet) be modified.

Thanks for your patience, we’ll let you know as soon as we have more info.


Hey @Avery. Not sure if you noticed, but version 3.12.0, which was just released a few hours ago, fixes the problem of the publication icon in member emails not appearing on sites that are on a subdirectory. I tested it out and it works perfectly now :slightly_smiling_face:


Good spot - you beat me to it :slight_smile:

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Awesome thanks!