Emails to Members are failing (user emails are OK)

I’ve setup Ghost to use my AWS SES to send out emails. Our blog is hosted on blog (dot) ourdomain (dot) com while the email setup is on ourdomain (dot) com directly.

I’ve setup an email team (at) XXXX.COM as the From address in my JSON config file, and this works well for registering users (Staff) in the system.

When trying to add subscriber emails (Members) I get an email error, and checking the logs I see that it tried sending from “noreply (at) blog.XXXX.COM”. Why is it still picking that up? When inviting team members to the blog they do come out of the correct email address and work.
How can I fix this?

We’re using Version 3.42.3.Ghost is deployed via a Bitnami AWS image, so this is the latest version currently available.

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