Embed Iframed is not work

Hey! I try to embed Iframed but is not work ,
which show

And this is the url
Thx very much!

@Tao_Su this is expected, the editor will not run arbitrary javascript or render iframes inside of HTML cards for security and compatibility. If you preview the post you’ll be able to see how the JS/iframe displays on your site.

Thank you for your answer ! If I wanna embed bilibili.com’s video , how can I do that? This is a demo url https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1tV411f7mD

Unfortunately I can’t read the site to know if they have an embed option. If they do then you should be able to paste the resulting JS/iframe code into a HTML card, just be aware that it won’t display in the editor for the reasons described above.

Hey ! My big brother ,this is the process of share website .
Take a website as an example ,
First , you should click the share button
And then , you can copy the shared code
At last , I paste it into ghost editor but fail.

How is it failing?

Hey ! Thx for your reply !
First , I copied the source code

<iframe src="//player.bilibili.com/player.html?aid=412569594&bvid=BV1tV411f7mD&cid=172623860&page=1" scrolling="no" border="0" frameborder="no" framespacing="0" allowfullscreen="true"> 

And then , I chosen the HTML model at editor and paste it ,

Yes, that’s the expected display and means it’s working. You need to preview the post outside of the editor to see the fully rendered iframe.

Cool! Thx very much