Embedding doesn't work

Language: it is Dutch
URL: http://h1b-amadeus.ml (yes .ml)
Configuration: i run ghost-CLI on my raspberry pi zero w it works fine, to get it on the internet i use serveo.
browser: Firefox

reproduce: i don’t know how because i couldn’t find anything on the internet,
Hello everyone on this forum, i have question. I am trying to embed a website (strawpoll) on my ghost page but it gives me the error above everytime i try it, it even gives me that error when trying google.com

@Wisse_Hes there is no general website embedding, you can only embed supported providers such as YouTube or Twitter where a video, specific bit of HTML+script tag, or other media embed gets inserted.

You can see this json file for a fairly complete list of embed providers.

okay, thanks for the quick reply i wil try it with HTML
greets Wisse Hes

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