Emoji Autocomplete


I am the Big Fan of Emojis :100:

I am Looking for this Feature on Ghost

Add Emoji Options like Discourse

How to use Emojis in the Ghost Editor
Emoji :crazy_face:

If you’re on Windows 10 or macOS then your OS has an emoji picker (with search) that you can use anywhere.

macOS: Ctrl+Cmd+Space

Windows 10: Windows+. or Windows+;

It’s unlikely that a non-native emoji picker or :smile: type emoji support will be added to the current markdown editor. With the upcoming Koenig editor there could eventually be a way to install an emoji app that adds a picker or :smile: support to the editor.


Why not just use Font Awesome? https://fontawesome.com/icons?d=gallery&m=free

You just pull their CSS into your pages in the code-injection section, then in your articles you embed <i> to get auto-sized icons - e.g. emoticons like:

<i class="far fa-thumbs-up"></i>
<i class="far fa-smile"></i>
<i class="far fa-meh"></i>


Retitled this idea to “Emoji Autocomplete” - because while we probably don’t want to build out a complex implementation of Emoji using images, we could definitely do an autocomplete helper tool


Please please allow an option to disable it, though.

I often run into a problem writing in French on Slack and Discourse: I have to put a space before a colon, and that triggers the autocomplete menu for emoji, which are writen like that :‍confused‍:


The way Twitter does it is great:



To be clear: We are not going to do an Emoji Picker - that isn’t happening. This topic is being kept open to track support for Emoji Autocomplete as in:



Then my comment stands, please take into account languages that require a space before the colon :slight_smile:


What about blog-specific custom emojis? Is that in the works?


https://github.com/ryanoasis/nerd-fonts <= This has even more emojis, pick whichever you like.
(Trouble is a JS-based system would make emoji picking easier, and IDK if Ghost can do that)


I am a big fan of emoji. Emojis are very much in use nowadays. This is a good idea to add emoji in the disclosure


Why did you close this topic?

I do not want to use emoji from Windows — it looks ugly. I followed this tutorial but it does not seem to work with Ghost 2.0. A little help?

Many thanks.