Community question of the week #2: OMG Emoji

Our community is a treasure trove of knowledge, experience, and creativity, especially when it comes to using Ghost. Questions of the week are an opportunity to share and learn from these resources.

With the release of our new Emoji autocomplete feature, we’re curious to know how you use emojis when writing content. Is it to enhance your brand, break up chunks of text, or accentuate your tone? Or something else altogether? Do you have any go-to emojis for specific use cases? Share in a comment below :blush:

Or, if you just want to sound off about emojis, here’s a poll:

  • Emojis are my love language :heart_eyes: :speaking_head::sparkles:
  • I’m not against emojis, but I’m not throwing a party for them either
  • Emojis in writing? Yeah, that’s gonna be a no from me, dawg
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I find emojis can be helpful to draw attention to certain areas of writing, or reinforce a piece of micro copy with an complementary icon.

For example, when writing an announcement I might do something like

:racing_car: Performance improved by 50%
:earth_americas: Translated into 48 different languages
:money_with_wings: No payment fees

We use emojis with every release of Ghost. (By keeping an eye on releases, you can get the scoop on the newest features :wink:)

In the release notes, emojis signify the following:

  • :sparkles: Feature
  • :art: Improvement / change
  • :bug: Bug Fix
  • :bulb: Anything else flagged to users or whoever is writing release notes

Love the emoji :heart:

From my Macbook, I note there are some new and unusual emojis available now. If I use them in my blog posts will they display on all devices, or will the viewing device need to have the same emojis installed?