Emoji autocomplete ✨

For those of us who like an emoji or two in their posts :person_raising_hand: the Ghost Editor just got a little more streamlined.

Now, you can add any emoji by simply pressing : and continuing to type. No more fiddling with emoji pickers, and no more interruptions to your creative flow as you write :partying_face:

Ghost(Pro) users can log in and start adding emojis right away! If you’re a developer, self-hosting Ghost, you’ll need to update to the latest version to get access to everything that’s new.


Thank you for not selecting a default emoji when we only type :, like so many other editors do! :hugs:

(It messes when French text, we add a space before : so if I want to start a list by typing <space>: + enter I get some random emoji instead :expressionless:)

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