Empty excerpt showing undefined

Casper 2.9.3 ghost version 2.16.1
When viewing a post the content is displayed correctly.
At the bottom the next post content is showing “undefined” as the excerpt is empty.

Was already fixed and released asap :slight_smile:

Hi Kate,

Thanks for the update on this issue - I’m still seeing this on my existing blog unfortunately.

Currently on versions:

ghost-cli: 1.9.9
casper: 2.9.3
ghost: 2.16.2

Tried forcing the update in the hope that I may have missed the latest commits. Is there a specific version I should be targeting to get this fix?


The release will happen tomorrow morning :slight_smile:

Ah, good to know :slight_smile: thanks for quick fix & quick reply!

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2.16.3 was released.

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Awesome, thanks Kate and Ghost team!

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