Ghost 2.16 broken URLs in post-card


After upgrading to Ghost 2.16.1 post-cards under the post (I’m using default Casper theme) are targeting to / instead of post URL.

Take a look at the post at In “read next” blog post-cards for other posts are targeting to /:

The same page’s post-card when running Ghost 2.15 has the correct URL pointing to /nikogda-nibud/:

I’m running Ghost using Docker with this command:

docker run -d --name ghost1 -p 22368:2368 -e url= -v ~/ghost1:/var/lib/ghost/content ghost:2.16

Everything works well if I run

docker run -d --name ghost1 -p 22368:2368 -e url= -v ~/ghost1:/var/lib/ghost/content ghost:2.15

It seems that {{url}} helper outputs strange URL for post context.


Was already fixed and released asap :slight_smile:


:tada: Thanks!
Look forward to the new Docker image!


2.16.3 was released.


I faced this issue also … just upgrade ghost using cli type

ghost upgrade

and you are done !

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