Enable not saving members name from Stripe

I haven’t required names during members signup because I’m not interested in them and have a very privacy-conscious target audience. Imagine my surprise when someone wrote me (understandably) pissed at having their name and surname displayed in the UI, taken straight from their Stripe account. This feels like an unnecessary breach of privacy.

Now, I do understand that I will always be able to see names by looking at subscription data in Stripe. But I would have to go out of my way to do that, and it’s 100% possible that my stripe subscription would be managed by someone external from the Ghost account manager, preventing them from seeing that information.

It should be possible to turn off this setting, if not from the UI then from config.production.json, similarly to how I can turn off Gravatar. Regardless, this side effect should be spelled out clearly in the UI when disabling names.

As a workaround, I will require names for now (even though I don’t want them). I assume I could technically provide a default name by foregoing portal.js and adding an hidden username field with some default value in a custom signup form, which is a lot of work for what I believe is a reasonable privacy setting.

Thank you in advance.

[Update] It seems my suggestions here won’t work because, as far as I can tell, the members signup flow with Stripe is completely separate from the regular members flow.

I’ve solved this through a PipeDream integration. Whenever a new member is created, I launch a job through a webhook and update the member name through the API, deleting the one obtained via Stripe. Again, less than ideal.