Manually permit members

I’m just tapping into the world of ghost.
I want to use my install to share updates about my family with a selected group of people, like tinybeans but self-hosted. The members feature & a comment plugin like isso seem to be a good way for that.

One thing I would like is more to control over user sign ups. I don’t want to introduce a paid tier, but rather manually permit new, free members to gain access to members only posts.

In short:

  • I will not add paid membership, so sending them through stripe is not an option
  • I want easy signup for members (as it is possible in vanilla)
  • Manual control of being permitted to the free membership by me or the other members of staff

Is this possible with ghost?
Cheers :slight_smile:

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You just don’t connect your Stripe account, and then turn off the “Free members” option.

In the Dawn theme, this is what happens when someone tries to subscribe:


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Yeah that worked. I disabled all paid plans and used the complimenteray premium membership feature. My stripe account is in dev mode, so no payment details were added. It’s hacky, but works.
Now I want to add custom strings to the signup and sign in overlays, so that visitors learn that they won’t have to pay.

I’m interested in a similar feature. We are building a blog website where we would like to publish public news / updates and private company related updates to “paid” members (investors). Is there a way to set member.paid == true for some members?

Thanks in advance, I love Ghost!