Where does Member Name Originate?

I was going to try to build a very simple Member Account page that had a form for updating a Member’s name and email address. I realized pretty quickly that Ghost does not enable this (yet?).

I can understand why we wouldn’t want a member to update their email address - for Stripe integration reasons, I’m guessing.

But, where does their Name originate? There’s no Name field in the signup form in any of the example members themes (Lyra, for example).

I can’t seem to find any documentation on how to process a form for updating any of the member data, even though the page https://ghost.org/docs/members/member-data/ does indicate that this should be possible. It does say “…as well as providing options for a member to update their details.”

As usual, I’m sure it’s just me missing something, or failing to connect some dots. Any help would be appreciated.


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Hey @dan.2rational :wave: Member’s names come from the credit card details member fills out when signing up for a paid plan through Stripe checkout. The only other way to get the name into the system is to type it in manually form admin panel.

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To be more specific this block of code is handling member’s name assignment after a successful checkout call comes in from Stripe.

Hi @naz. Thanks for the quick response.

Understood - for now I will build the Account page with static information, and the Edit Payment Info and Cancel buttons similar to the Lyra theme.

Might I suggest an update to the page I linked above? The text is misleading - especially if the only information a user can edit is their payment info in Stripe, not any info in my site.

Thanks again!