Error Ghost gallery


Hi, please see the picture:

Why the image like that?

The normal image preview like this:

Can you fix it?


CSS has some issues with aspect ratio so the default Casper theme used a bit of JS to fix it. If your theme doesn’t try to do anything to fix it, the images will look like that because that’s how they were styled.


Hi vikas, Thanks for your explain.

Can you help me about? I am not too familiar with CSS and tired to try fix it.


This isn’t a css-fix, it’s a javascript fix. I can’t really give you specific guidance without seeing your site, but here’s how Casper (the default Ghost theme) maintains support for galleries:


Hi, thanks for your attention. I solve the problem. I inserting this css custom to Ghost admin:

.kg-gallery-image img {
height: auto !important;

And now, the everything gone be ok: