Error in updating Ghost to v 2.9.1


I tried updating my Ghost blog hosted on DigitalOcean with the following command ghost update --no-mem-check since initially it was showing me error of low memory (shows available 140 MB but required 150 MB) as was mentioned here

What exactly is the problem? Any solution?


You can check the memory available with free -m.

You can upgrade your server to have more memory available or try to add swap, you can follow this tutorial I faced this issue in the past and this worked for me


@daburix But is the problem related to memory issues? It is showing some error for Yarn.


Yes, look at Error [...] spawn ENOMEM messages when installing dependencies via yarn, feel free to google it


@daburix Well, I retried it again and this time I got this error. I guess, its related to memory but the swap space creation you mentioned is strictly mentioned not to be done on SSD which is what I have. I guess I have to upgrade to higher memory allocation.

@Hannah please do provide a solution if exists to update without memory upgrade.


Unless you’re managing the server yourself (i.e. not through a provider like Digital Ocean or Linode, but rather using your own hardware), this isn’t really something to worry about, especially since you won’t be using the allocated swap often


@vikaspotluri123 So then, shall I create the swap space and proceed ahead with the updation?



The memory bug was fixed a while back so no need to disable it anymore

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