Memory availability error on upgrade


I’m running two personal sites on a 1GB RAM DigitalOcean droplet and have been for several years (was actually at 512MB droplet until recently). Trying to upgrade from 1.21.6 to 1.22.1. I’m getting an error message now that Ghost recommends you have at least 150MB of memory available for smooth operation. It looks like you have 75 MB available.

Hey, this works just fine and has for a while, so I’ll just upgrade with ‘-force’. Well, that doesn’t work, it skips updating. Ghost Doctor gives me essentially the same error message.

The obvious version would be to upgrade to more than a 1 GB plan, I get it, but this has worked on a much smaller droplet for a long time. Anything I can do to get this to work?

Error in updating Ghost to v 2.9.1

So there’s a bug in the memory checker logic because of the way the native free memory library works. There is a fix in progress, but in the meantime you can add the --no-mem-check flag to ignore the check


That is fantastic. Thanks so much!


Just use Docker :wink: There you can just pull an updated image…


Does docker use ghost start in the background? If it does then you’ll have the issue :wink:


No it doesn’t. It uses node directly.

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