Error subdomain

hello good day I created a blog with ghost from Digtial Ocean, I have configured a subdomain that points to the ip, also modify the file located in / etc / nginx / sites-availables where add to server_name my subdomain restore services and still does not pass nothing favorable

Help !!!


Hey there,

It seems your subdomain still points to Heroku rather than Digital Ocean.

Later edit: If I were to recommend you a subdomain, I would go for (there is no need to repeat the tecno word in the subdomain) as it would be shorter and easier to remember.

but how is this ??, I do not understand.

this subdomain believes in the DO records.

Since you’re using cloudflare, we (as in the members of the forum) have no way of verifying your DNS records. However, when we try to access your site, we see a Heroku error page, which is what @dsecareanu was saying.

Can you check your cloudflare DNS records and make sure your domain points to your digital ocean droplet, and there are no AAAA or CNAME records which could conflict with it?

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