How to add subdomain on ghost blog (self hosted)

Hi, i want to ask.
I have ghost installed on digitalocean droplet .
I know how to connect domain.
But i am confused when it comes to use it with subdomain.
where do i need to add the DNS record for subdomain? is it on digitalocean’s DNS manager or namecheap’s DNS manager or both?

just some note :
my domain is which already connect to firebase hosting.
now i want to add for my blog.
my domain name registrar is namecheap .

Well I suppose lets start with something a bit basic and build up from that.

I’m going to assume you are using namecheap for DNS management. They are the authority of where one looks for your domains/subdomains.

You probably have an A card entry that tells everyone if want then go to the following address So on namecheap side you will need to create a new entry letting the world know what the address is to

So I suppose the first question should be are you hosting both and on the same droplet? If the answer is no, then you should be fine just adding another A card entry with the new IP address. If the answer is yes then you probably want to look into setting up a revers proxy.

so basically i just need to add DNS record to namecheap DNS manager?
no need to add into digitalocean’s DNS manager?


I don’t use Digital Ocean (DO), but I can’t think of a reason why you would/could touch the DNS info on DO… as namecheap is your DNS hosting provider. You will need to tell the software on your droplet what to do when it gets a request for

For instance I personally use Hover (for now) and my domain name registrar; I then use CloudFlare as my DNS hosting provider. I then host content from multiple providers… one of those instances is vultr, which is similar to DO. Let say my domain is which is a basic splash/info page. I then have two subdomain one and

On my machine instance I have a reverse proxy listing on port 80 and 443 when I get a request to or the proxy hands off the request to my nginx server. However, if gets a request for it hands the request off to the ghost (node) server.

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