Exporting/importing with images

I’m currently evaluating the upgrade path to Ghost 3.0, and have tried the following

  • Doing the import/export from the labs section
  • zipping/unzipping the/var/www/ghost/contents directories as needed and doing a mysql dump/restore

The import/export option works fine, but it doesn’t have the associated images.

The custom backup route, gives me a load of errors that I didn’t bother to try and delve into. Then I tried zipping/unzipping just the images folder, with the import/export, but it’s not looking for the images in the right subdirectories.

Is there a “standard” way of backing up everything?

Edit: Because there are a lot of compatibility issues, with my current theme, I am installing V3 on a brand new server, under a different hostname (https://new.codetips.co.uk/) so I can work out all the kinks and then switch over. I’ve also noticed my Subscribers haven’t moved over.

If there isn’t a way of moving everything over, I’m probably going to have to re-upload all the images and trawl the mysql database and export the subscribers.

Subscribers do not exist in 3.0, it was a beta feature that has been replaced with members.

If you haven’t upgraded directly from 2.x to 3.x then your subscribers won’t have been automatically converted to members. You can however export your subscribers as a CSV in the 2.x instance and then import that CSV in the members area in your 3.x instance.

Ah ok, thanks! Any idea on the images being moved over as well?

Or is it just not possible to do the export/import with images @Kevin?

Export does not currently export the images but you can include images in an import zip. Best bet is to download/copy the content/images folder directly from or on the server.

Ok thanks, I tried that but that didn’t work properly :thinking: I’ll have to do something crufty :slight_smile:

Just in case anybody comes across this question wanting to do the same - the best thing to do is clone your server, and upgrade to V3.

Trying to migrate all the data to a brand new server is too much hard work