Import tx_news from typo3 to ghost


Version 2.14.3
Environment production
Database mysql

Im new to ghost and i like the simplycity concept behind ghost and the use of node.js.
I would like to give it a try and would like to migrate from Typo3 with extension tx_news to ghost for testing.
I didnt find a one click solution, sad … :wink:
There are about 4000 records in tx_news with about 10000 images.
If i understood the concept of importing data to ghost correct i need to:

  1. FTP all images to /var/lib/ghost/content/images/2019/02/ ?
  2. Create a JSON from SQL and import this in Settings->Labs->Import content ?
    maybe with use of ?

I only need to import the column: title,second title, Date, tags, text - and the related images uploaded to /var/lib/ghost/content/images/2019/02/

Whats best practice to do this ?



Hi there,

Take a look at our migration documentation, it’s been overhauled:

I recommend focusing on getting a custom SQL -> Ghost JSON conversion working to start with, as we’ll be releasing a tool for handling scraping images very soon, which you’ll be able to use to handle that part for you.

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