Extending Ghost CMS Admin | Thoughts?

Just wanted to get the final verdict on if anyone has managed to extend the Ghost admin. I’ve looked around and nothing…

My use case is that I have a new site that requires publishing functionality (in comes Ghost) for a press section as well as I thought I could go ahead and use it to manage a careers section/job posts as well. The only issue I have now is a homepage that not only needs to pull a few of the press articles, but also have other parts of the page (think banner image, section copy, etc) editable in an admin interface.

Short of extending the Ghost admin, the next best solution if I still want to use Ghost is to run two web apps on my server. One being Ghost for /press and /careers and the other being to manage pages such as the homepage and other more-or-less static pages that need simple admin edibility. Just seems like a huge pain in the butt having two separate logins to edit what should be the same site…

Any thoughts?

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Why not just create a custom homepage template? It can then be updated and changed as necessary, if not too often. Look at Ghost’s default blog template on their website… they have different sections pulling in different content with an add banner and podcast banner.

For what you want, is making a custom homepage not what you want?

I used their theme and changed it so that my own content gets pulled in correctly. I am sure you can search for any other theme that has the homepage style or look that you want and then you just change it to match your requirements?

I already have a custom homepage built that I could convert to a Ghost template, but this doesn’t solve the issue of being able to have any Joe Schmoe off the street login and swap the banner image etc specific to that page in an intuitive manner. The whole point would be to develop the site properly so every time a small change to a paragraph is required anyone could update not just a developer.

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For me it would be also very helpful if it would be possible to extend the admin side. (Like in Wordpress you can create also custom functionalities or create plugins)

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