Facebook/Twitter header icons recently disappeared (in any theme)

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My Facebook/Twitter social links recently disappeared (the ones I have listed in the general settings), as seen below. I have tested with multiple themes, and none show the icons. To be honest, I am unsure when this happened.

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I expected my Facebook and Twitter icons to show in the header, next to the search box.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. This is the first step…

Enter my social links and click save.

  1. This is the second step, etc.

Navigate to the site and see there are no links.

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DigitalOcean market droplet.

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Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS (DigitalOcean Ghost marketplace droplet)

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If you inspect the page source, do you see them there? Trying to rule out some malfunctioning code injection that might have them not visible but present.

And which theme is this? That display of social icons would be theme-specific.

It is not a bug. The Ghost team has decided to remove the social icons from header…

Thank you! I neglected to search Github issues in addition to the forum.

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@josephjwilk Solved with this tutorial: https://ghost.org/tutorials/add-social-media-icons/

You can view the result on my web HDS+ (https://hdsplus.co/)

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