Fail to send email to 800 members

I imported 800 members successful, but when publishing a new post and send to free member (> 800 members), ghost failed to send.

Error as below.


No see Email logs on Mailgun and I surely config email setting correctly. Test email worked well, no issue.

Any idea to address this issue?

I debug with ghost log

NAME: UnhandledJobError
MESSAGE: Processed job threw an unhandled error

level: critical

"The email service was unable to send an email batch."
UnhandledJobError: Processed job threw an unhandled error
    at /home/user/my_folder/public_html/versions/3.41.8/node_modules/@tryghost/job-manager/lib/job-manager.js:108:40
    at async JobManager.worker (/home/user/my_folder/public_html/versions/3.41.8/node_modules/@tryghost/job-manager/lib/job-manager.js:12:22)

InternalServerError: The server has encountered an error.
    at new GhostError (/home/user/my_folder/public_html/versions/3.41.8/node_modules/@tryghost/errors/lib/errors.js:10:26)
    at sendEmailJob (/home/user/my_folder/public_html/versions/3.41.8/core/server/services/mega/mega.js:277:15)
    at async /user/my_folder/public_html/versions/3.41.8/node_modules/@tryghost/job-manager/lib/job-manager.js:101:25
    at async JobManager.worker (/home/user/my_folder/public_html/versions/3.41.8/node_modules/@tryghost/job-manager/lib/job-manager.js:12:22)

Error: insert into `email_recipients` (`batch_id`, `email_id`, `id`, `member_email`, `member_id`, `member_name`, `member_uuid`) select '6036ee3b03b7b65cd8e71b61' as `batch_id`, '6036044d6e2bf391742eceae' as `email_id`, '6036ee3b03b7b65cd8e71b62' as `id`, '' as `member_email`, ...

SQlite3 is the issue?:face_with_monocle:

Iā€™m getting exactly the same error. Test emails work fine. API key from mailgun is right. But when I publish a post and try send it to members I get the same error.

I change to mySQL and it fixed. SQLite3 seem be designed for DevelopmentšŸ˜“



are there any news on this? We are facing this issue aswell and switching to mysql is not an option unfortunatelyā€¦

Did you check if there is any limitation on your mailgun account?

For new mailgun accounts, there is a limit of 100 emails per hour.

Yes, I did check that. Our mailgun account is unlimited.