Failed to send magic link email - running in Docker

I’ve set up Ghost in Docker on a Synology NAS.

I’ve set up a Mailgun account and added the private API Key to my Ghost instance.

When I attempt to register I get the “Failed to send magic link email” error.

I’ve seen comments referring suggesting to add the mailgun configuration to my docker-compose.yml and either I don’t have one or I’m not looking in the correct place for it.

At this point I’m not sure how to find the file that I need to modify to add my mailgun settings. Any help would be appreciated.

The API is used for bulk email whereas transactional email uses SMTP. Therefore, set up email in your config.production.json, most likely using Docker environment variables, and be sure that port 587 (ideally) or 465 are open for relaying email.

Search the forum for Mailgun SMTP to see how to also use Mailgun for transactional emails.