Failed to send magic link email & users can sign in

Hey everyone, please I need help, I do not know why this error keep coming up again “Failed to send magic link email” I thought I have been able to figure out, it just pop up again, I wanted to run facebook ad today, I can not do that because of this horrible errors.

Btw, I am thinking of changing from mailgun to beehiiv, just for my newsletter, I do not know if beehiiv and Ghost can work together, Please can anyone share the Pro and Con, thanks.

Is this the same error as your post from a week ago?

In that thread, you got asked for a whole lot of information and were pointed at what to try to solve the problem.

Instead of starting from zero again, please look back at the old post and provide all the information that was requested there. Or better yet, update that post with a follow up on the problem!


OKay, thanks @Cathy_Sarisky But it seem I was able to solved the issue with mysql and which is still working out fine, but I do not know why this error keep coming again.

So you believe it’s a new problem. What information can you share that might help someone help you?

can I share the errror.log file again? but somehow I am feeling the error is from mailgun api

Yes, posting your (current) error logs, not truncated, would be a great idea. Posting that part of your config would also be a good idea. No one can help you with the information provided, so if you actually want help, please post logs and config files!