Error message when the users try to subscribe - failed to send magic link

Hello, I’m running a self-hosted Ghost, currency in version 5.26. I have done some social media post about it and the feedback was that visitors wanting to subscribe were shown an error message while some of them managed to subscribe.

link to screen shot

Where should I look to fix this ? Would an upgrade fix this ?

Thanks in advance, Baudouin

Looks like there is an issue with your mail configuration.

Can you post the error logs, so we can see if there is an indication of what exactly is going wrong?

Upgrading is unlikely to fix it, but there are new features you might want anyway.
Your email is probably misconfigured. Post more information about your installation, including the package.json (minus passwords) if you’d like help.

Some links specifically for transactional email (which is your problem):

General docs (including email setup):

here is my config.production.json - when I post something to my Ghost the emails go out to the subscribers. This part works. Why is my Ghost (5.44 now) able to send these but no magic link email ?

What do your mail server logs say? Are you running a mail server on localhost?

Did you check the docs linked a couple posts up?

My mail servers are at mailgun.

That’s not what your config files say for transactional email. See here: Configuration - Adapt your publication to suit your needs for an example of what it should look like.