Fashion magazine template + migration [in need of professional service]

Hi community,

My name is Dominique and I’m the founder and CEO of, a digitally native vertical brand based in São Paulo.

We are looking for a web designer / developer to help with two tasks:

  1. Adapt or create a magazine-type template along the lines of with heavy focus on large images and videos.

  2. Migrate all articles from our current content site built on Squarespace to the new Ghost instance.

Here a bit more about AMARO and what we are up to behind the scenes:



@dominique.oliver maybe you should consider not starting over entirely from Scratch with the whole Design/Layout for your Site because the Theme named “World Times” in the Marketplace might suit your Needs, in my Opinion.

Just a Hint, not more. :grinning:

You may still need a Professional for the Process of Migration or you could take advantage of going with GhostPro for the Business Plan and let the Ghost Team handle all the heavy lifting. :wink:

You may check our magazine themes from our website,