Themes based on magazine "issues"

Hi there, I am excited to get started with Ghost. We have an actual magazine publication and I am wondering if it is possible for Ghost to be designed as such. By magazine issues. Similar to Monocle where they also publish by the actual issues.

Any ideas would be most appreciated. Thanks!

I’d tag posts in the same issue with the same tag, and either (A) create a route for each one (editing routes.yaml) and use the theme’s existing index or home page (there are several good themes that look magazine-like), or (B) set up your tag template to display in the layout you want for your issue [but this would have implications for other tag layouts] or (C) set up a page template (or post template) that collects all the posts with a particular tag.

(A) is almost zero code (just a routing file - post if you need help!)
(B) and (C) require edits to the theme. Depending on your level of technical skill, you might be able to accomplish that yourself or hire it out to a ghost expert.