Favicon not loading / wrong cached

Dear Ghost Community,

I just uploaded my favicon in the backend as “publication icon” but it is not working correctly.

It is taking the old image I initially uploaded instead the new one. I deleted it multiple times, then it displays the Ghost Favicon, but the moment I add the new icon, it shows the OLD wrong favicon again (with the Fiver watermark).

You can try it here:


I also attach the favicon I uploaded.

I restarted Ghost many times but it didn’t helped. Do you have any idea?

Thank you for your help and warm regards

image see the screenshot

Seems its showing the correct favicon

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The moment you send your message, I read somewhere else, that the Cloudflare Cache need to be cleared… I am such a moron :smiley:
Thank you again for the fast reply :smiley:

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You are welcome! :metal:

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