Feature images in custom RSS feed

sorry for the delayed reply, apparently I “reached the maximum number of replies a new user can create”

well, your feed also wasn’t validated by this aggregator.
so sounds like it’s their problem, but I need to find some solution to that anyway :frowning:
when I talked to their support they told my that they need my rss feed to look sth like:

 <![CDATA[<p>text</p> <figure> <img src="feature image"><figcaption>caption</figcaption> </figure> .....             ]]>

but i just can’t get how I can do this with handlebars. or at least how I can insert html tags inside the handlebars section ```

Does the aggregator have a public validator?

Or ask them for a sample feed.

Ideally, you would want something like this.

 <![CDATA[<figure><img src="{{feature_image}}"><figcaption>{{feature_image_caption}}</figcaption></figure>{{content}}]]>


yes, and I tried that. but can’t upload the theme (shows error)

Strange I was able to upload without error and feed validated.

What error are you seeing?

it worked finally!!! just checked the code again and it worked fine. thank you so much for your help :wink: