Feature Request: Page Anchor Links

My company uses Facebook’s OSS Docusaurus for our developer docs, and it has this very handy feature to generate a link to a heading in a page when the user hovers the heading. (example: https://docusaurus.io/docs/en/installation hover “Installing Docusaurus”).

We would love an option in Ghost to do the same thing. Our readers often want to share a link to a particular section of an article on our blog. Even though Ghost automatically generates “id” attributes on each heading, it’s hard to find them and know how to append to the page URL in order to build a link. You pretty much have to be a web developer to do it.

What are the chances you could add a feature like Docusaurus to make those links discoverable? Open to PRs on the project?


I second this. I love the page anchor solution in Docusaurus. When writing long posts it’s a great way to share a specific piece of the article / faq. Please support!

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This is easily doable in themes using javascript. Themes are the correct place to implement the feature as that’s where the functionality can be customised for your site’s individual needs. Ghost already outputs the necessary id attribute on all headers.

FYI, we have an Ideas category for feature requests where others can vote, please use it in future :slightly_smiling_face: Any “+1” comments will be deleted as they do not add anything meaningful to the conversation.