Feature Request: Pay by "following on social media"

I have a feature request.

A user may view 3 free articles a month. Then, user needs to pay, not with money, but by following me on social media.

User logs in to Twitter or LinkedIn. If user account is following me at the moment of reading article, show article. If not, block.


I love this idea. Might take some api finagling, but it is a lot better than Medium’s model. Of which I hated how they were so pushy.

Not to be disrespectful, in my opinion, this is typically a “feature” that would clutter up Ghost.

Pro-tip : if you want somebody to follow you on Twitter or elsewhere, produce extraordinary content on Twitter. Typically, when I’m “forced” to follow someone on Twitter of FB to have access to a content, the next thing I do is, immediately after the content is downloaded, to unfollow the account. But maybe I’m the only one to do so… :roll_eyes:

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Please no. I’m a little bit horrified whenever I see this. It makes the internet a substantially worse place. You promote massive centralized social media platforms and place pressure on people over how to use them. Not to mention the technical difficulties of tracking peoples’ follows on various social media platforms. We don’t need more of this, we need none of this.

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