Pay as you read option for Memberships

Just ran into this idea on twitter: how about having the ability to pay to read a single piece of content that might be interesting for someone to read rather than hook them up into a monthly or yearly subscription that they might or might not use?

Similar with the ability to buy a single track on iTunes, some people might be open to pay 1 buck to read an interesting article, but not be necessarily attracted to read more of the content offered by a creator.

I’m not sure if this can be done via Stripe alone or if it only needs to be configured at Ghost level, but I think this will open a lot more opportunities for content creators to monetize their content.

+1 from me.

I got excited about adding subscriptions to my blog and immediately added it in a support-for-my-blog capacity.

Then realized that a better model would be receiving “donations” for content that the reader enjoyed. I priced it at $1 and have a CTA at the middle and end of every article. This implementation is custom using Stripe.

This seems better for the standard blogger that doesn’t offer valuable content on a steady schedule.