Feature request to turn off comments on a single post

I enabled the comments system according to the client’s request. Recently, my client published a new article on the blog. After Sometimes, people started discriminating against each other in the comment section.
One way we find is to turn off comments on the entire site. But it is not a good idea. So temporarily, hide the comments on a single post. I request to ghost theme, To add a new button in the ghost editor where the author decides to turn off comments on a single post.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Two ways that you could do this now:

  • Create a custom template in your theme that doesn’t have the comments helper. Then, your authors could switch to that template if things go awry.
  • Hide the comments with CSS via the post’s Code Injection feature:
#ghost-comments-root {
    display: none;

Hi, I know that, but it’s a temporary solution. I can hide the comment section with if statement on a single post. The problem is my client does not know CSS.

Theme switch does not work with a single post, where we must turn off comments. On WordPress, people have a button. With the help of a button, they quickly turn on and off comments on every post.

The right solution is to provide a button in the ghost editor writer to turn on and off comments easily.

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It’s not a button, but adding a #no-comments tag is pretty easy even for non-technical users, and then you’d just check for it in the post template file to see if you should include comments or not.

I was trying replicate this solution but I see that I am unable to get the template option neither under pages or posts like it was available and accessible earlier.