Toggle Comments On/Off Per Article

I would be interested in a feature that allows comments to be turned on and off per article, rather than them being a blanket setting across the site. I could see this being used for posts that aren’t intended for discussion.

If you need it now, this would be pretty easy to do with a small tweak to an existing theme. You could either have copies of the page/post templates with and without comments, or probably easier still, a “no comments” tag that causes the theme not to load the comments.

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Thanks Cathy, it’s probably not important enough for me to pay my developer to create these customisations, but if it was a native feature for Ghost then it would be a nice ‘nice to have’. All good things, Sam

Asking as somebody that’s never used Ghost comments before, can comments on specific posts be closed at will so that all comments already made remain visible but no more can be added?