Feedly to Ghost with Zapier


First of all, my level of English isn’t great, and this is my first time experimenting with Zapier ;)
I’m trying to create a Ghost post automatically when a new article is being added to a board in Feedly.

It seems to work from times to times. but most of the time I’m getting:

## This Ghost step hit an error
Error message: Validation failed for custom_excerpt. (ValidationError)

For custom_excerpt, I linked it to article summary (no HTML) in Feedly and it only seems to work fine when the summary isn’t long.
Whenever article summary (no HTML) is more than say 2-3 lines long, it won’t create the post in Ghost.

Any help would be very appreciated :slight_smile: Thanks!

That field is limited to 300 characters, so that’s why you’re getting sporadic failures.


I agree with Cathy - to work around this one could probably create an interim step using OpenAI ChatGPT to shorten any excerpt from a Feedly article so that it’s less than 300 characters long.